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We are based in Les Montades, 34600, Pézènes-les-Mines and we welcome the chance to meet you and introduce you to our services.


We are a British couple, Barbara and Paul, living and working in the beautiful department of Hérault having relocated from the south east of England.


Between us, we total well over 20 years of instructing Pilates and have developed our own, individual style of teaching and specialisms.


We have both taught Pilates to a range of clients, on an individual and a class basis and both of us would be very happy to provide references on request.

Barbara's specialism is in back health for the older population having helped individual clients achieve greater movement and better quality of life. Her clients typically range in age from late 40s to late 80s.


She has worked with clients of limited mobility, wheel-chair based as well as those managing or recovering from life changing illnesses such as cancer, multiple sclerosis, early onset Parkinson's disease and arthritis. She is particularly adept at modifying exercises for those who have recently had mastectomies or need to use colostomy bags.


Barbara has had regular classes at leisure centres across Berkshire, including Windsor, Ascot, Maidenhead and the University of Reading and has taught a private class in Windsor Castle for the Royal Household for over 10 years and, on her regular visits back to the UK, continues to do so.

As an Advanced Level instructor, Barbara is able to turn her hand to a wide range of clients, classes and abilities using a variety of props to make her classes and private sessions enjoyable experiences.

As a qualfied personal trainer, Paul has worked with amateur and semi-professional athletes, helping them achieve their personal fitness and competitive goals. He has taken clients from "couch to competition" and even from couch to competitive flat race horseracing.


He has worked as the Pilates instructor for the Arch Clinic in Windsor providing post-clinical rehabilitiation to clients presenting with a wide variety of injuries and has provided Pilates in the Workplace class to a variety of businesses across the Thames Valley. Paul has also taught Pilates at a number of lesiure centres across Berkshire accommodating a range of abilities, fitness levels and injuries.


Both Barbara and Paul are keen amateur athletes, in Barbara's case with considerabley more enthusiasm than ability. They compete in triathlons in the UK and in France with Paul coming well up the field in his age group and Barbara not quite living up to her description of "old bird at the back", but almost.

Neither are flighty young things, although when cycling with their local cycling club in Bedarieux they do have a habit of putting on the lycra twice a week. They have been married to each other for longer than they haven't and live in Les Montades with two Labradors, Oz and Kato.

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Classes in Pezenas

We have two open classes taught in English each week in Pezenas

Circuits Classes in English

9.30am to 10.15am Thursday

Mix of aerobic, strength & endurance exercises based on timed intervals of 45 - 60 seconds. Low impact, suitable for all levels of fitness 

€10 per session pay as you go

Pilates Classes in English

10.30am to 11.30am Thursday

Designed to help improve muscle strength & tone, and to address posture related back problems. This class is suitable for all levels of fitness, age or mobility

€10 per session pay as you go

Held in a beautiful barn conversion at 26 Avenue du Castelnau, these classes run back to back, compliment each other or are standalone. They are open to ladies and gentlemen of all ages and fitness.

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