Chronic Disease Management

We understand the impact that living with chronic illnesses can have on posture, mobility and well-being far beyond the illness itself.


We have a wide experience of helping clients understand how their body has changed and the impact that this has had on what were previously everyday activities.


Working with you on a one to one or with a partner if you feel more reassured, we can help you adapt how you stand, sit, lie down and how you can move between them.


Working together, we will modify our Pilates based exercises to ensure that they help you management your disease, adjust your life as you need to and provide you with the support to be as active as you possibly can.

We have experience of helping clients presenting with a variety of iillnesses which they have to manage.


For sensitivity and client confidentiality no specific details will be presented here but we hope that this list of the areas that we have had experience will give you a feel for what we can do and how we can help you.


single and double mastectomy clients

colostomy bags

early onset Parkinson's Disease

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Multiple Sclerosis

We can work with you on a long term basis through one to one or small, intimate group sessions or we can help you learn how to modify standard Pilates exercises to be able to practice them safely so that you can build the confidence to join larger group classes when you feel ready.

These sessions can take place at your home, with a partner at their home, outside if the wheather is good or in Les Montades at our premises. Wherever you feel most comfortable.

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