Senior Mobility

As we get older we naturally slow down and stiffen up a little and it is quite normal that we lose strength in all our muscles that we once took for granted.


This is not something that we can, or even should, prevent, however the impact that these changes can have on our quality of life can be quite significant if allowed to go unchecked.

We will work with you to enhance and improve your mobility through a series of gentle, flowing exercises which use all of the body's supporting muscles.


Without putting the body under any strain we will take these movements through their full range and work with you to increase that range of movement to allow greater freedom of mobility. 


It might be that you are already flexible and strong and would like the challenge of something a little more taxing or it may be that you have posture related inflexibiltities from a life time of small, repetitive activities such as playing golf, writing on blackboards, driving, using a computer or any number of other possibilities.


It may be that you are confined to a chair for much of the time and would like to develop some strength and mobility in your upper body to give you more freedom of movement or perhaps you just feel stiff and tired and would like to overcome this.

Or perhaps you feel that now is a good time to start being more active, and this is an excellent base to start from.

Whatever your goals, working togehter on a one to one or in a small, intimate group, we will determine what it is that you need to develop and find the most effective way of doing so. We will work with you through a series of sessions to perfect a whole range of movements and exercises and equip you with a bespoke selection, put together specifically for you, that you can do outsied of the sessions in your own time.

These sessions can take place at your home, with a partner at their home, outside if the wheather is good or in Les Montades at our premises. Wherever you feel most comfortable.

Classes in Pezenas

We have two open classes taught in English each week in Pezenas

Circuits Classes in English

9.30am to 10.15am Thursday

Mix of aerobic, strength & endurance exercises based on timed intervals of 45 - 60 seconds. Low impact, suitable for all levels of fitness 

€10 per session pay as you go

Pilates Classes in English

10.30am to 11.30am Thursday

Designed to help improve muscle strength & tone, and to address posture related back problems. This class is suitable for all levels of fitness, age or mobility

€10 per session pay as you go

Held in a beautiful barn conversion at 26 Avenue du Castelnau, these classes run back to back, compliment each other or are standalone. They are open to ladies and gentlemen of all ages and fitness.

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